Memento Mundi


The world has not ended, but it is not as it once was. No one knows why it happened, or indeed quite what it was that did happen, but the reality of the Upheaval cannot be denied. All felt the waves of power that were unleashed stabbing into their minds, or if the churches are to be believed, their very souls, though as it passed not all could see what had been done to their world.

Those who lived in the cities noticed little change, not until the steady stream of caravans through the gates began to slow, and the survivors aboard those few that made it spouted forth their tales of terror, the wave of nothingness closing in on both sides of the road they travelled, horses erupting in panic and breaking loose of their bindings, cantering into the enclosing emptiness and vanishing from sight. At the time, none knew why the road they stood on remained, while all around them little survived barring a few landmarks: some counted their blessings, some, such as the mages who had pulled up their defences in time claimed credit, while others put it down to sheer luck. We know better now.

It is in the nature of people everywhere to leave their mark upon the world, to shape their surroundings as they see fit, whether it is sowing crops that the land may provide food, building a road to speed the travel or simply a shelter to keep the rain off. In many ways, the Upheaval was simply the epitome of this. As best as the scholars can tell us, the power that those unknown few set upon the world that day reached into our minds, every single one of us, and asked a simple question “What is the world you know?”. We now live in the answer.

Memento Mundi is OURPGSoc’s weekly combat larp. Playing adventures empowered with magic, the will of the gods, the mysteries of the Flux or pure strength of arms, you will travel out into the world to fight monsters, unearth conspiracies, and reveal the hidden truths of the Upheaval. The game is welcoming to new players and students on a tight budget, as the system is simple to pick up and the society can provide equipment and costume. Each week’s LARP charges £3, but lunch is provided and your first two weeks are free.

Visit the game’s site for details!


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