Want to GM?

It was great to see so many new people at tabletops last Sunday. A lot of people expressed interest in running a game, so here’s a list of simple, low-prep games that are ideal for running at Tabletops. If you’d like to run one of them, let me know!
  • Lady Blackbird – steampunk adventure starring an incognito noblewoman and the crew of the ship she’s flying in trying to escape the Empire.
  • Danger Patrol – two-fisted pulp adventures where Atomic Commandos fight Cyborg Monkeys in the Ancient Pyramids of Mars.
  • Fiasco – the GM-less game of High Ambition and Poor Impulse Control. Choose a playset, whether that be a research base in the arctic, suburbia, or tudor england, create characters with clashing goals, and let the fiasco begin (Available in the Archive).
  • Don’t Rest Your Head – A headlong rush into insomnia and madness in the Mad City that hides from our waking world (Available in the Archive).
  • Everyone is John – Everyone plays the feuding voices in the head of John, a crazed man in Minneapolis. Each voice has a goal they want John to perform, but only one can be in charge.
  • Fate Accelerated – A flexible and quick system that can fit any setting and have characters built in no time. If you have an idea for an adventure, Fate Accelerated can run it (also available in the Archive).

As a little extra incentive, each GM  who runs a game this term will be added into a prize draw to win a £15 voucher for DriveThruRPG, one of the best shops for gaming PDFs and books on the net! The winner will be announced at the end of week 8.


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