Tabletops for 5th Week

Come along to Oriel square for 2PM tomorrow to play:
Psi*Run, run by James.
You’re amnesiacs with psychic powers being chased by mysterious agents. Run!

Fate, run by Ellie
The clandestine rescue organisation Global Frequency sends a group of agents into New York to investigate odd, potentially extraterrestrial activity.
Unknown Armies, run by Peter 
It is the 10th of November 1983, operation Able Archer is drawing to a close, Margaret Thatcher is five months into her second term, still flying high after last year’s successful Falkland’s Campaign, Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl is number one in the charts and five Lords of the Occult Underground have descended on Broadcasting House in London, their minds set, their plans in motion. One thing is certain, after tonight, the world is never going to be the same again.
Tunnels and Trolls, run by Trevor
The Company of the Crimson Tower have made the new land safe from monsters and bandits, but it turns out the worst of them were merely pushed out into the sea. Now there’s a pernicious piracy problem, and only the PCs can help! Very old-school D&D-like system.
As always, no prior experience in system or setting is required. Hope to see lots of people there!

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