Tabletops for Week 6

Come along today to play:

New World of Darkness, run by James
A strange death brings the police to Hollow Wood’s newest apartment complex, and it soon becomes clear it was no accident. Modern occult horror/mystery game, using the latest NWoD rules.
Double Cross, run by Mike
A high action Japanese RPG. In Double Cross a virus has been unleashed across the globe and those infected gain awesome powers. However, the virus can cause you to lose your grip on your humanity and go insane. A group called UGN fight against these monsters and the mysterious organisation called False Hearts. It is up to you as one of the infected, an Overed, to use your power and risk your body and mind to protect those you care about.
Epoch, run by Alasdair

It’s the hottest summer on record. People are doing everything they can to beat the heat, but with regular brown-outs interrupting the electricity supply and a forecast for soaring temperatures ahead, many people are short on sleep, and tempers are beginning to fray. The city is a tinderbox and just one spark will set off a chain reaction of terrifying events.

EPOCH is a game of character-driven survival horror. The goal is to deliver a tense and scary experience in a single game session. EPOCH players are active participants in the creation of the game atmosphere and have complete control over the creation and ultimate fate of their characters.

Dungeons and Discourse, run by Keller

Dungeons and Discourse, a very beta RPG by Scott Alexander, is about fighting philosophers in a land where knowledge is power and the Arrow Impossibility Theorem is a spell that stops arrows and similar projectiles from working.
As always, we’ll meet in Oriel square before 2PM then head in to the Harris Seminar Room. Hope to see lots of people there!

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