Tabletops for Week 2

Come along today to the Harris Seminar Room at 2PM to play:
Dungeon World run by James I: 
The grand conclave of Wizardry is only called in the most dire circumstances, calling in all magic-users in the land. So how come when you arrive you’re the only ones here.
Call of Cthulhu run by Ellie W: 
You work for the Laundry – a department of the government that you won’t find on any books. The truth is that Lovecraft had it right, there is more out there than meets the eye and most of humanity just isn’t ready to deal with that yet. Beyond the world we see are mysteries and horrors untold and accessing them is far easier than you could possibly imagine – all you need is a decent algorithm and a laptop. You are all that stands between that horror and the rest of the world.
Set in the world of Charles Stross’ ‘Laundry’ series this is a one shot using the Call of Cthulhu system.
Fate: Accelerated run by James W:
You are a motley crew of Space Pirates running a totally legitimate errand for the Pirate King.

Night’s Black Agents run by Alasdair S:

(S)Entries: You always get a sinking feeling when the job looks so easy: pick up a laptop in Dubrovnik and deliver it to Belgrade. Easy. The problem is that you don’t hire ex-spies for a job that simple. 3-6 players.
Hope to see lots of people there!

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