Tabletops for Week 7

Come along to the Harris Seminar Room for 2PM today to play:
New World of Darkness, run by Ellie:
‘Congratulations! You are a winner of our 8th annual raffle competition to spend a week in a five star hotel courtesy of Vali enterprises. Please join us at the Angrobad Luxury Hotel on the 20th of June in Mellomkollen national park, just north of Oslo. We are very much looking forward to seeing you there!’
Torchbearer, run by James:
It’s a hard life, adventuring. You were just resting up in the remote village of Skogenby after another badly-paying job when someone ran into the tavern calling that Jora, the village elder’s youngest daughter, has disappeared exploring somewhere even you would worry about entering. As eyes turn to you, some imploring and some looking pointedly at the bill, you know it’s time to pick up tools and go dungeoneering.
Star Wars: Edge of Empire, run by Owen
Down and Out on Ord Mantell: You’re being chased through a junkyard by a giant, ravenous Rancor beast who is apparently rather hungry. Good luck!

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