Welcome to the blog for the Oxford University Roleplaying Society (OURPGSoc)! We are a diverse group who enjoy everything from running around in forests to sitting around tables with dice, and we have a vibrant social scene which is great for newcomers. If you enjoy creative gaming in the form of live action roleplaying, improvised storytelling, tabletop dungeon crawling, or if you’re a fan of computer RPGs and would like to try something more hands-on, we’d love to meet to you.

Regular activities organised by the society include the Society Game (a live-action, no combat weekly game run during Oxford terms), the weekly LARP (a linear-style adventure with combat), and a session for tabletop gaming on Sundays during term. Members of the society also frequently start tabletop games, run playtests for new systems, and attend the various fest LARPs around the UK, and will be happy to encourage you to join us.

If you want details on ongoing games and how to subscribe to our mailing lists, visit the full site.


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  1. Hi, Could I use your picture of 4 blue dice on some hats and shirts? If I could it would be greatly appreciated.

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